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Promoting Justice: Chief Judge Engages with Eti-Osa Lawyers’ Forum in Interactive Session.

Promoting Justice: Chief Judge of Lagos Engages with Eti-Osa Lawyers’ Forum in an Interactive Session.


In a recent Bar-Bench forum between the Lagos State Judiciary and the Eti-Osa Lawyers’ Forum (ELF), Chief Judge Justice Kazeem Alogba made important announcements. He stated that any petition against a judicial officer in Lagos State will not be considered unless the petitioner has served notice of the petition to the opposing counsel. This measure aims to prevent frivolous petitions that disrupt the justice system.

One of the stakeholders raised concerns about lawyers disrespecting magistrates and then filing frivolous petitions against them, leading to delays in case resolution. In response, Chief Judge Alogba emphasized that disagreements between the Bar and the Bench should be based on merit.

Regarding the issue of awaiting trial inmates, Chief Judge Alogba mentioned that the Lagos State Judiciary has implemented the Bail Bond System and the Bail Information System (BIS) to address challenges in bail administration. However, he noted that some stakeholders have not registered as bondsmen under the scheme.

Chief Judge Alogba urged judicial officers to use discretion judiciously in bail matters to prevent congestion of correctional centers through harsh bail conditions. He acknowledged that inadequate manpower for the verification of sureties is a major challenge.

The pronouncement of Eti-Osa as a Judicial Division is nearing completion, according to Chief Judge Alogba. This move is a top priority for the Lagos State Judiciary to bring justice closer to the people.

Mr. Adewale Sanni, Chairman of the Eti-Osa Lawyers’ Forum, praised Chief Judge Alogba for his open-door policy with the Bar. He urged the Chief Judge to issue guidelines or practice directions to prevent arbitrary bail conditions that worsen congestion in correctional centers.

The interactive session saw the participation of a high-powered team representing the state judiciary, including several esteemed judicial officers. The forum emphasized the importance of cooperation and communication between the Bar and the Bench in ensuring an efficient and fair justice system.

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