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Eti-Osa Lawyers’ Forum (ELF) Sets Milestone with Lagos Settlement Week 2023 Partnership.

Eti-Osa Lawyers’ Forum (ELF) Sets Milestone with Lagos Settlement Week 2023 Partnership.

Eti-Osa Lawyers Forum.

Exciting news from Mr. Adewale Sanni, Chairman of the Eti-Osa Lawyers’ Forum! 

For the first time, the annual settlement week is extending its reach to the Eti-Osa community, utilizing the Christopher Olatunde Segun Courthouse.

The main goal behind this extension is to ease the burden on our courts and judges by resolving matters outside the courtroom. Mr. Sanni, a seasoned mediator at the LMDC, urges all members of the Eti-Osa Lawyers’ Forum and residents to embrace the Lagos Settlement Week commencing on the 17th of July, 2023.

This initiative which will end on the 21st day of July,2023 presents a golden opportunity for lawyers and litigants to access quicker and cost-effective justice right at their doorstep in Eti-Osa. The LMDC management seeks cooperation for the success of the program, and Mr. Sanni wholeheartedly supports it on behalf of the Forum.

During the program, both new and ongoing matters can be brought for settlement through simple and non-complicated procedures. Many ELF members are certified mediators and will participate as mediators on the LMDC panel during the period.

All amenable civil matters, simple criminal offenses, pro bono matters, and commercial matters are welcome to be presented before the panel. It’s no longer a matter of weak cases seeking mediation, as this approach is considered modern and effective.

It’s essential to note that lawyers who choose to go through LMDC for justice for their clients will still receive their professional fees as usual. The aim is to provide adequate and efficient dispensation of justice to all parties involved. Let’s make the Lagos Settlement Week a resounding success together!

 Filing Your Case Made Easy.

To take advantage of this golden opportunity, all you need to do is visit either of two venues. The first option is the LMDC Lagos Office, conveniently located at 27, King George Road, just opposite the well-known Ghana high restaurant on Lagos Island. The second option awaits you at the LMDC Ikeja Office, found within the esteemed premises of the Ikeja High Court.

Inquiries and Assistance.

If you have any questions or need guidance on how to proceed, don’t hesitate to seek help. You can reach out for support by calling these contact numbers: 09090427949 and 07069929154. Their expertise will be your guide you through any complexities you might encounter.

Embrace the Opportunity for Justice.

As the Lagos Settlement Week kicks off, grab the opportunity to pursue justice with determination and resolve. Showcase your legal acumen and let Lagos State’s commitment to fairness and equity shine.


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