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NBA Elections: Administration of NBA branches, between politics and professionalism.

ELF Debate: Administration of NBA branches, between politics and professionalism. (NBA Lagos Elections 2023)

NBA Lagos Elections 2023

It was another interesting and revealing atmosphere at the Eti-Osa High court on the 8th of Junes 2023. In a spectacular fashion, candidates vying for different execuitive membership positions of the NBA, Lagos branch stormed the monthly Eti-Osa Lawyers’ forum venue.

The Eti-Osa Lawyers Forum, orchestrated an enthralling debate titled “‘Administration of NBA branches, between politics and professionalism’” setting the stage for the upcoming NBA Lagos election. Led by the charismatic Olawale Ajia as the moderator, it was the perfect opportunity for the three aspirants vying to lead the NBA in Lagos to bare their souls and tackle pressing concerns about the intersection of politics and professionalism. Adebola Lemo, Bisi Makonjuola, and Mayowa Afolabi, the three contenders for the esteemed chairmanship role, brought their inspiring words to the table. They also bared their plans to push for better welfare for Lawyers in general.

Hold your applause, there’s more! Ms. Esther Ifeoma Jimoh, the formidable Principal of Estelle Attorneys and Legal Consult, took the stage, radiating brilliance as she sought the Vice Chairmanship slot. And let’s not forget the slew of other candidates, most of whom emerged independently, as revealed by the esteemed Chairman of the forum, MMA Sanni. These eager candidates include Dickson Obairi, aspiring Social Secretary, along with Omoniyi Onabule and Bayo Ogunsanya, locked in a fierce battle for the coveted position of Publicity Secretary. Among them, we have the illustrious Majemite M. and the esteemed Kelechukwu Uzorka, a Legal Partner at K&C Partners.

United in their championing of professionalism and integrity, the trio of chairmanship candidates urged everyone to approach the election with a courtroom spirit—passionate arguments within the hallowed chambers while maintaining harmony outside. They implored their fervent followers to shun enmity, for life goes on beyond the election’s realm.

Then enters Owolabi, making an enchanting plea for the NBA to focus on the succession plan of the revered Olu Ibadan. In this realm, the torch of power transitions seamlessly, without a hint of discord, ensuring smooth NBA administration.

Furthermore, Owolabi pledged to cultivate a culture of excellence. He beckoned the revered electorates, the lawyers, to embark on a quest of curiosity, thoroughly scrutinizing each candidate and their past accomplishments when selecting the steward who will guide the NBA Lagos.

On the other hand, Obairi shed light on the importance of aligning NBA leadership’s actions with their campaign promises, followed up with due diligence. Meanwhile, the charismatic Ogunsanya urged the incoming leadership to embrace exemplarity. He cleverly pointed out the chaotic nature of NBA elections, in stark contrast to the serene harmony found in other professional bodies, where elections occur smoothly, sparing undue financial burdens and allowing resources to be wisely invested in member welfare.

To bring this captivating event to a fitting climax, MMA Sanni, the esteemed Chairman of the Eti-Osa Lawyers Forum, embarked on a momentous journey of inaugurating two committees: the CLA committee, masterfully helmed by the extraordinary Clifford Attach, with the splendid Grace Ajayi serving as the Secretary, and the Welfare Committee.

And thus, dear readers, this mesmerizing chapter concludes, leaving us eager to witness the forthcoming NBA Lagos election. Stay tuned, for the legal cosmos is about to embark on an extraordinary voyage.

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